For children 24-26 months - 3 years Staff Ratio 1:4  

Children transfer from the little angels room when they reach the appropriate development stage, and after consultation with parents. Active Cherubs’ introduces children to a more structured day to meet children’s developmental needs, and to encourage more independence.  

Toilet & Potty Training:
The Active Cherubs’ Room is usually the room where potty training begins. This is usually a slow, gradual process during which a child requires lots of encouragement and reassurance. We will praise children and reward them with stickers to encourage them to use a potty, or the toilet. The toilets are designed for little children for easy access. As in everything, we follow parents’ wishes, so when parents feel that their child is ready for potty training, they should notify a member of staff.

We will be very patient and will not rush the process. Our staff will do their utmost to work with you to encourage and train your child to use the potty or toilet. Sometimes accidents do happen, however, so parents need to provide extra items of clothing in their child’s bag.


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